Heritage Jam, 11-12 July 2014




We are very pleased to announce the launch of a new project – The Heritage Jam– a collaborative endeavour funded by the Department of Archaeology, with support from the Centre for Digital Heritage at the University of York. The Jam invites artists, animators, designers, programmers, archaeologists, historians, conservators, museums professionals, heritage practitioners, students and other interested specialists and members of the public to join forces in creating new, cutting-edge visualisations of the past. We aim to push the boundaries on the nature of heritage presentation—experimenting with forms of display, demonstrating the importance of imagery to understanding the past, and showcasing the innovation and creative potential across the heritage sector internationally.


Based on jamming events commonly held in the games industry, where ad-hoc groups meet for short, intensive periods of time to produce game prototypes, here we seek to develop new views on the past through 2D and 3D image-making. At the same time, we’re hoping to stimulate connections and inspiration between those working in heritage, and those whose work often involves visualising the past in other industries and forms (film and television, art, literature, comics, further education, tourism, video game development, etc.).


As part of the Jam, you will produce one or more images in any media on a specified heritage theme—to be announced in the weeks to come. You will submit electronic copies of your images, videos or multi-media projects by end-of-day on Friday, 11 July 2014 for exhibition and judging by a panel of experts. Winning entries will be announced the following day, Saturday, 12 July 2014, at an awards ceremony at the Centre for Digital Heritage international conference. All submissions will feature in a web-based exhibition, as well as in a digitally-projected physical exhibition in York.


Anyone from any part of the world with an interest in heritage visualisation is invited to participate. If you are nearby to York, the project will culminate in a one-day collaborative ‘making’ session at the University of York on 11 July 2014: registration for the making session is £10 (including lunch, refreshments and access to facilities), and open to all.


To join the Jam, register online here.


For more information, contact Dr Sara Perry– follow us on Twitter and Facebook – or visit our newly-launched webpages – http://www.heritagejam.org/




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