Documenting Rock Art in Western Canada: New Methodologies for Community Engagement



A team from the Centre for Digital Heritage at the University of York and the Archaeological Computing Research Group at the University of Southampton will be travelling to Western Canada next week to trial the use of low cost digital imaging technologies for the documentation of rock art. Working with local archaeologists and colleagues from Simon Fraser University the team will help to develop methodologies which can be used by local people to document the stone carvings (known as petroglyphs).

Petroglyphs were created by First Nations groups and exist across Canada. They provide a unique record of the lives and culture of First Nations communities but are often endangered by erosion and human activity. Low cost imaging techniques such as RTI and photogrammetry allow the documentation of petroglyphs without the assistance of expert researchers or the need for specialist equipment. The project, which is funded by the World Universities Network, will help to develop training materials and infrastructure which will allow anybody to contribute to our understanding and appreciation of these unique cultural assets.

While there the team will add frequent posts to this blog so be sure to check back and follow their progress.